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BC Design History – Traveling Exhibition

BC Applied Arts History Project

Traveling Exhibition Dates
BC Applied Arts History Project

July 27 – October 15, 2009
Vernon Public Art Gallery
3228 31st Avenue, Vernon, BC V1T 2H3
1 (250) 545-3173
Contact: Lubos Culen curator.vag@shawbiz.ca

November 18 – February 8, 2010
The Exploration Place
333 Becott Place, Prince George, BC
1 (250) 981-5910
Contact: Tracy Calogheros tracy@theexplorationplace.com

April 1 – May 16, 2010
Mountain Gifts ‘n Gallery
86 Centennial Drive, MacKenzie, BC
1 (250) 997-5818
Contact: Michele Gillespie arts01@telus.net

May 29 – July 17, 2010
Comox Valley Art Gallery
580 Duncan Ave, Courtney, BC, V9N 2M7
1 (250) 338-6211
Contact: Tony Martin tony@comoxvalleyartgallery.com

September 3 – September 24, 2010
Revelstoke Visual Arts Centre
320 Wilson Street, P.O. Box 2655, Revelstoke, BC, V0E 2S0
1 (250) 814-0261
Contact: Jackie Pendergast info@revelstokevisualarts.com


BC Applied Arts History Project

The exhibition explores creativity, form and "look" of individual and mass produced works of functional design, craft and applied arts in British Columbia from earliest times to present.

The exhibition is designed to travel across the Province to museums, galleries, community centres, conferences and special events.

Graphic panels explore 30 BC applied arts themes with digital images, authentic artifacts and text. In addition, a number of small three-dimensional works will be included in the exhibition. Regional BC venues will be encouraged to add relevant BC artifacts, old and new from collections or nearby BC designers and craftspeople.

The exhibition provides an inclusive representation of functional design, craft applied arts from across time and the regions of BC. Certain images, materials and forms reflect flora, fauna, natural resources and beauty of the Province.

The exhibition includes works created for survival, function, beauty, and range from hand crafted and industrially produced. Works in the exhibitions were designed and produced primarily in BC; some produced outside of BC and others with BC iconic images and forms emblematic of the Province.

The exhibition is available free of charge and will travel throughout BC from March 2009 to December 2010.

Please contact Curator-Exhibition Coordinator, Sam Carter scarter@eciad.ca concerning your interest in hosting the exhibition in your community.

The exhibition is flexible and may be arranged in smaller or larger gallery spaces. The exhibition "kit of parts" contains 30 exhibition panels (28"x38") 10 textile banners (24" x72"), 5 introduction panels and a collection of smaller three-dimensional works with labels. It is suggested that host venues consider addition BC functional design, craft and applied art works to the exhibition.

The exhibition panels include the following themes:


Images of royalty, politicians, environment and diverse history and culture, illustrated
Aboriginal Dwellings
Pit houses, pole frames, plank houses, longhouses, local materials, coastal and plateau
Crests and Coats of Arms
Architecture: 1940 to Present
Materials, traditional and new, from single to multiple dwellings and urban forms Architecture: Earliest to 1940
Regional materials, geography new technology & Influences from aboard Currency, Coins, Tokens & Banknotes
Money and designs for business, banks, and collectors
Apple Box Labels
Colourful, illustrative images and graphic designs
Salmon Labels
Flora, fauna, geography and cultural inspired design to sell salmon
Stone Tools and Beads
Earliest tools crafted for survival and beauty
Packages and Tins
Branding products with attractive commercial art
Streetscapes and Bridges
Roadways, passageways, neighbourhoods, planning, urban landscape
Newspapers & Print
Original press, printing and mass communication
Ceramics and Pottery and Glass
Hand made, industrially produced, decorative and functional
Furniture Design
Home, industrial, indoor and outdoor furnishings
Interior Design
Homes, hotels, space and environment design
Arches & Gateways
Ceremonial welcome designs

Women’s Clothing: Fashions
Clothing for work, sport, play and ceremony
Men’s Clothing: Fashions
Clothing for work, sport, play and ceremony into
Publications, commercial, journals, information, entertainment and advertising
Gardens and Parks
Landscape, green spaces, botanical and horticultural design
David Spencer Ltd and Woodwards Department Store
Department store design, early BC
Textile and Weaving
Earliest examples, clothes, baskets, containers
Fairs and Exhibitions
Agriculture, industry, health, education, stampedes, rodeos, carnivals, entertainment
Industrial Design
Invention, engineering, mass-production innovation and creativity
Transportation: Land Air and Sea
Wagons, bicycles, motorbikes, automobiles, tractors, buses, trucks, trains and public transportation
Centennial Celebrations & BC150 Celebrations
Celebrating one hundred years of British Columbia
Expo 86
World’s fair, exhibition design, pavilions, spectacle
Broadsheets, illustration, graphic image and design
Graphic Design
Symbols, illustration, typography, letterheads, logos, advertising, communications
BC Parades & Ceremonies
City and country, playful and official, happy and sad


Exhibition panel samples (full sized panels are 38"x28"):

  Board - Apple Crate Labels Board - Salmon Labels


Banner samples (full sized banners are 24"x72"):



Sam Carter at scarter@eciad.ca
Curator BC Applied Arts Exhibition
Emily Carr University of Art and Design

Patrick Gunn
Curator, Graphic Design & Web Design

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