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BC Applied Arts Student Projects was launched in March 2008. The website will continue to develop with addtional information being added over the coming months and years. For further study, a BC150 Applied Arts Bibliography is presented below. Please forward additional sources (publications and website URLs concerned BC design and craft history) and also suggest souces that will add to the BC150 Bibliography.

Send to Sam Carter scarter@eciad.ca, Emily Carr University of Art and Design.

BC Applied Arts Bibliography

Building the West, The Early Architects of British Columbia
Donald Luxton,
Talonbooks, 2003
ISBN 0-88922-474-9

The New Spirit —
Modern Architecture In Vancouver: 1938-1963

Rhodri Windsor Liscombe
Douglas and McIntyre. Vancouver, 1997
ISBN 1-55054-555-8

A Modern Life-Art and Design in British Columbia: 1945-1960
Ian Thom & Alan Elder, editors
Arsenal Pulp Press, Vancouver, 2004
ISBN 1-55152-171-7

Chinatown — Illustrated History of the Chinese Communities
of Victoria, Vancouver,  Calgary, Winnipeg, Toronto, Ottawa,
Montreal and Halifax

Paul Yee
James Lorimer & Company Ltd., Toronto, 2005
ISBN 1-55028-842-3

Frank Gowen’s Vancouver: 1914-1931
Fred Thirkell and Bob Scullion
Heritage House Publishing Company Ltd., Surrey, 2001
ISBN 1-894384-25-3

Buildings of British Columbia — An Industrial History
G.W. Gaylord
Morriss Publishing, Victoria
ISBN 0-919203-22-1

Fort Langley — Birthplace of Canada
B.A. McKelvie
Porcepic Books Ltd, Victoria, 1991
ISBN 0-88878-298-5

Irving House — A Family Story
Archie Miller and Valerie Francis
Irving House Historic Centre, 1988
ISBN 0-88925-871-6

Heritage Walks Around Vancouver
Michael Kluckner, John Atkin
Whitecap Books, Vancouver/Toronto, 1992
ISBN 1-55110-036-3

More Than a House — The Story of Roedde House
and Barclay Heritage Square

Janet Bingham
G.A. Rhoedde Ltd. ,Richmond, 1996
ISBN 0-9681606-0-3

Victoria Modern — Investigating Postwar Architecture
and Design on Southern Vancouver Island

Martin Segger
Uvic Printing Services, Victoria, 2005
ISBN 1-55058-3166

City of Glass
Douglas Coupland
Douglas and McIntyre, Vancouver, 2000
ISBN 1-55054-818-2

Vancouver Representing the Postmodern City
Paul Delany
Arsenal Pulp Press, Vancouver, 1994
ISBN 1-55152-002-8

The British Columbia Parliament Buildings
Martin Segger, Editor
Mitchell Press, Vancvouer, 1979
ISBN 0-920894-00-3

Vice Regal Mansions of British Columbia
Peter Cotton
Elgin Publications Ltd., 1981
ISBN 0-9690952-0-2

Saltwater City: An Illustrated History of the Chinese in Vancouver
Paul Yee
Douglas & McIntyre, Vancouver, 1988
ISBN 0-88894-616-3

Hurricane in the Basement and other Vancouver Experiences
Barbara Belluz
The City of Vancouver, 2000
(no ISBN)

Reflections — 100 Years — A celebration of the
District of North Vancouver’s Centennial

Chuck Davis
Opus Productions, 1990
ISBN 0-921926-06-5

Vancouver is a Garden
Donna McClement
McClelland and Stewart Ltd., Toronto, 1985
ISBN 0 7710 5435 1

The Expo Celebration — The Official Retrospective Book
Murray/Love Publications Inc.
Whitecap Books, North Vancouver, 1986
ISBN 0-921061-01-3

Selling British Columbia —
Tourism and Consumer Culture: 1890-1970

Michael Dawson
UBC Press. Vancouver, 2004
ISBN 0-7748-1054-8

It Pays to Play — British Columbia Postcards:

Peter White
Arsenal Pump Press/ Presentation House, Vancouver, 1997
ISBN 1-55152-037-0

British Columbia — A Centennial Review
Reginald Eyre Watters, Editor
McClelland and Stewart Limited, 1958
(no ISBN number)

It Happened in British Columbia —
Pictorial Review 1871 to 1971

Seth Halton, W. E. Ireland, R. A. Jenkins, Bruce Ramsey,
Monte Robers, Editorial Committee
Evergreen Press, Vancouver, 1970

British Columbia — Land of Promise
Robert Burnaby’s Letters from Colonial British Columbia

Anne Buraby McLoed and Pixie McGeachie
City of Burnaby, Burnaby, 2002
ISBN 0-9692828-5-0

Top Dog! — A History of CKNW B.C.’s
Most Listened to Radio Station

Chuck Davis
Canada Wide Magazines Ltd,, Vancouver, 1993
ISBN 0-9697585-0-2

Industrial British Columbia
W.C Mainwaring, Clive Harrington
Evergreen Press, Vancouver

Antiques Afloat — from the Golden Age
of Boating in British Columbia

Peter Vassilopoulos
Panorama Publications, 1980
ISBN 091931700-6

Hanging Fire and Heavy Horses —
A History of Public Transit in Nelson

Art Joyce
City of Nelson Publishing, 2000
ISBN 0-9686364-0-3

Cabinets of Curiosity —
Collections of the Vancouver Museum, 1994-1981

Carol Mayer, Lynn Maranda, Ivan Sayers
Mitchell Press, Vancouver, 1982
ISBN 0-919253-06-7

Trademarks and Salmon Art:
A brand new perspective — a collective study
on British Columbian salmon labels, ca. 1890—1950

Anne Ikeda, Kathi Lees
Gulp of Georgia Cannery Soceity, 2002
ISBN 0-9730838-1-6

Pacific Pilgrims
Lyndon Grove
Fforgez Publications Ltd., Vancouver, 1979
ISBN 88976-041-1

Buckskin and Broadcloth — A Celebration
of E. Pauline Johnson-Tekahionwake: 1861-1913

Sheila M. F. Johnston
Natural Heritage/Natural History Inc. Toronto, 1997
ISBN 1-89621920-9

Cougar Annie’s Garden
Margaret Horsfield
Salal Books, 1999
ISBN 0-9697008-1-4

Katherine Emma Maltwood, Artist: 1878-1961
Rosemay Alicia Brown
Sono Nis Press, 1981
ISBN 0-919462-96-0

Land of Destiny — The Golden Age of British Columbia
Charles Lillard and Michael Gregson
Pulp Press, Vancouver, 1991
ISBN 0-88978-240-7

Re-shaping Memory Owning History —
Through the Lens of Japanese Canadian Redress

Roy Miki, Yuko Shibata,  Grace Thomsen, Midge Kage
Japanese Canadian National Museum 2002
ISBN 0-9730913-04

Nikkei Legacy — The Story of Japanese Canadians
from Settlement to Today

Toyo Takata
NC Press, Ltd, Toronto, 1983
ISBN 0-919601-94-4

Pioneer Breweries of British Columbia
George and Ellen Watson
Westward Collectors Publishing Ltd, Nanaimo, 1974
ISBN 0-919814-00-X

Robin Ward’s Vancouver
Robin Ward
Harbour Publishing, 1990
ISBN 1-55017-030-9

Vancouver’s Fairs — An Administrative and
Political History of the Pacific National Exhibition

David Breen and Kenneth Coates
University of British Columbia Press, Vancouver, 1982
ISBN 0-7748-0161-1

Vancouver’s Past
Raymond Hull, Gordon Soules, Christine Soules
Gordon Soules Economic and Marketing Research, Vancouver, 1974
(no ISBN number)

British Columbia: A History
Margaret Ormsby
Macmillan of Canada, 1958
(no ISBN number)

Pageant of B.C.
B.A. McKelvie
Thomas Nelson and Sons ( Canada) Limited,
(no date or ISBN)

British Columbia — Yukon/Sternwheelers Days
Art Downs
Heritage House Publishing Company Ltd. Surrey, BC, 1992
ISBN- 0-919214-63-0

Sternwheelers and Steam Tugs —
An illustrated history of the Canadian Pacific Railway’s
British Columbia Lake and River Service

Robert Turner
Sono Nis Press, Victoria, 1984
ISBN 0-919203-15-9

Made by Hand — Silver Edition — 1998
Crafts Association of British Columbia
Glenn Allison, Doris Shadbolt, Paula Gustafson
Hemlock Press, Vancouver, 1998
ISBN 0-9682312-2-7

Pioneer Soda Water Companies of BC
Bill Wilson andn Jim Askey
Tamahi Publishing, New Westminster, 1986

The BC Fact Book — Everything YOU Ever
Wanted to Know About British Columbia

Mark Zuehlke
Whitecap Books, 1993
ISBN 1-55110-227-3

Eyes of the City
David Mattison
Vancouver City Archives, 1986
ISBN 0-9691637-1-1

Vancouver and Beyond —
During the Golden Age of Postcards 1900-1914

Fred Thirkell and Bob Scullion
Heritage House, 2000
ISBN 1-894384-15-6

Making the News —
A Times Colonist Look at 150 Years of History

Dave Obee
Times Colonist. 2008
ISBN 978-0-9809193-0-1

Triple-O — the white spot story —
celebrating 65 Legendary Years

Constance Brissenden
Opus, 1993
ISBN 0-921926-11-1

Lost Orchards
Joan Lang
Ward Creek Press, 2003
ISBN 0-9732350-0-4

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